IHMSC 2017 Accepted Papers

Jie Zhou and Min Tian. Elite Immune Parallel Evolutionary Algorithm for Maximizing the Monitored Percentage in Self-organizing Wireless Sensor Networks
Gangfeng Yan. Design of Active Low-Pass Filter Based on Multiple Feedback Circuit
Qianjun Shuai, Keqin Wang, Fang Miao and Libiao Jin. A Cost-Based Distributed Algorithm for Load Balancing in Content Delivery Network
Xiaodong Zhang and Jie Zhang. Control Strategy of Polypropylene Continuous Reaction Process based on MPCE
Tong Zou, Ying Wang and Shuming Dong. A Method of Blind Separation for the Single Vector Hydrophone
Shuang Wu. A MP of Partial Information BSDDE
Zeng Xiangjin and Wang Haihui. The prediction research on multi cameras network based on rough set theory and chaotic PSO
Jie Zhang, Wanhui Wen, Fuli Huang and Guangyuan Liu. Recognition of Real-scene Stress in University Examination with Heart Rate Features
Dexuan Qi, Zhenguo Xiao, Shuo Liu and Yongshu Jiao. Functional Connectivity Analysis from Theta Band of Multi Local Field Potentials on Prefrontal Cortex of Rat during Working Memory Task
Minghui Zhao, Sai Ma and Xingru Wang. Design of Moving System for Mining Searching Robot
Hewei Li and Haibo Xu. Design of automatic control system of coal sampling robot hydraulic system oil temperature
Hui Ren, Jisheng Li and Dan Li. A Back-Stepping Sliding Mode Control Strategy Based on Extended Observer for Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter
Cheng Yang, Fang An, Chen Chen and Bin Zhu. The effect of product characteristic familiarity on product recognition—— A study of ERP
An Shihu and Zhao Zhikun. Research on an Agent-based Intelligent Social Tagging Recommendation System
Yinsheng Weng, Dong Fan, Qingxiu Liu, Feifei Lu and Hongliang Tian. Design and Application of Multi-terminal Parameters-monitored System Based on ARM for Tunnel Drilling Rigs
Jianfa Wu and Honglun Wang. Arctangent-based extended state observer with terminal attractor
Ya-Lun Zhang, Jia-Wei Xia, Lu-Jing Yang and Yin-Dong Huang. Sun Shadow Positioning and Timing Based on UnrealEngine 4
Guo Rongchun, Cheng Zengmu and Li Jindong. Research on Position Sensorless Control System of High-Speed Brushless DC Motor
Xin Wang and Xiangjun Wang. Research on Explosion Points with the Same Characteristics Matching and Location of Automatic Target-scoring System
Yu Huang, Honglun Wang, Na Li and Yue Yu. Endurance Estimate for Solar-Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Farzana Jabeen and Linmi Tao. An Efficient Text Entry Model for Scanning Ambiguous Keyboard
Zhenfeng He, Ying Cao and Hui Xiong. Generate Galaxy-like Word Cloud Using Molecular Cloud Evolution
Fang An, Huayu Wu, Bin Zhu, Xiaoyu Hao and Pengpeng Cheng. The Amelioration of Vertical Elevator Man-machine Interface Based On the Multi Channel Theory of Ergonomics
Fei Liu and Fengjie Hao. Study of Storage and Management System for Mass Spatial Data
Fengjie Hao and Fei Liu. Research of Hadoop-based digital library data service system
Xiaolong Chen, Ruijie Wang and Lei Gao. Effect of healthy neighbors on epidemic spreading in multiplex networks
Wei Wang, Mingquan Shi and Weiguang Li. Object tracking with shallow convolution feature
Zhou Dehong and Ming Zhang. The Integrated Safety Assessment on Chemical Industry park
Cheng Zhuo and Zheng Xiang. Nonlinear Filtering Method in Sampling
Liu Shengfa and Wang Yu. Multiple target tracking and crowd density detection system based on video
Zhongfa Zhang, Yunlian Sun and Wenwang Xie. Modeling and Research of Noise Characteristics for Low Voltage Power Line Channel in OFDM Communication System
Lin Sun, Futing Bao, Weihua Hui and Yang Liu. Clustering Analysis on Internal Flow Field of a Spinning Solid Rocket Motor Nozzle
Chiguang Chen, Yunlian Sun and Huayou Wang. Analysis of PLC Transmission Data Based on Clustering
Jun Xue and Linli Zhou. Design of Fuzzy PID Control Algorithm Facing to Greenhouse
Yue Hu, Qi Zhang, Long Qin and Quanjun Yin. Escaping Depressions in LRTS with Wall Following Method
Sun Guoqiang, Wu Xu, Wanyan Xiaoru and Zhuang Damin. The Influence of HUD Information Visual Coding on pilot's Situational Awareness
Haorong Dou. The design of radiating circuit for ultra-wideband ground penetrating radar
Chunli Zhao, Chunjing Hu and Tao Peng. Analysis of Product Evaluations: An Adaptive Approach Based on Extended Sentiment Dictionaries
Linyan Jiang, Yong Cai, Ruihui Li and Taihong Wang. A hybrid chemical reaction optimization algorithm for bin packing problem
Yutian Zhang, Xiaolong He and Hang Liu. Compact Two-port UWB-MIMO Slot Antenna with Dual Band-notched Characteristic
Deqiang Tian, Xiaofeng He, Lilian Zhang, Junxiang Lian and Xiaoping Hu. A Design of Odometer-aided Visual Inertial Integrated Navigation Algorithm Based on Multiple View Geometry Constraints
Wang Xiaojuan, Zeng Ying, Lin Zhimin, Wu Qunjian and Yan Bin. Combining Multiple ERP Components for Detecting Targets in Remote-sensing Images
Qingqing Kong, Huili Gong, Xiangqian Ding and Ruichun Hou. Classification Application Based on Mutual Information and Random Forest Method for High Dimensional Data
Cheng Zengmu, Liu Xinlei and Qiu Tianyu. Vehicle Target Recognition System Based on Fuzzy Control for Millimeter Wave Radar
Qiaochu Fu and Haiying Wang. A fast image stitching algorithm based on SURF
Luo Chong, Ying Zhaozhong, Zhu Xiaolei and Chen Longlong. A Mixed-Signal Spiking Neuromorphic Architecture for Scalable Neural Network
Qichun Zhang and Francisco Sepulveda. On the Conduction of Nerve Signals Along Coupled Axons Using a Pairwise Statistical Description
Yu Wang and Zhenhao Tang. Modeling of Boiler Steam Flow Based on Adaptive Least Squares Support Vector Machine
Boshi Wang and Haiying Wang. ORB-SLAM based Semi-Dense Mapping with Monocular Camera
Zhao Guosheng, Ren Mengqi, Shao Zihao and Chen Xuanhui. Survivability modeling and analysis of key services in cloud computing system based on Bio-PEPA
Yusen He, Jiahao Deng and Huajin Li. Short-term Power Load Forecasting with Deep Belief Network and Copula Model
Shi Ping, Xu Yankun and Yu Hongliu. Design of Wearable System for Detection and Analysis of Physiological Information
Zhen Tian, Jian Li, Qing Li and Nong Cheng. A Visual-inertial Navigation System Based on Multi-State Constraint Kalman Filter
Yanxia Sun, Jinke Wang and Qingwei Yan. Hybrid Detection Model Combining Grey Scale Weight Based Quoit Filter with Support Vector Machine
Sun Xin, Wang Haiying and Zong Limin. Advanced Compressive Tracking via Collaborative Appearance Model
Wang Haiying and Fu Zufeng. Some New Characterizations of a-Preinvex Function
Shengnan Li. An Intrusion Detection Method Based on Damped Window of Data Stream Clustering
Fu Zufeng. Linear Regression Protocol for Privacy Protect
Jian Hu. The Convergence of Particle Swarm with Unified and Simplified Formula for Position Updating
Furui Du, Yinghua Zhang and Naiiian Hu. The design of a novel simple arctangent based sliding mode control with slight chattering
Ye Cao, Chenjun Yan and Hong Zhou. LED Light System Design for Plant Factories Based On Wireless Network
Ye Cao, Chenjun Yan and Hong Zhou. Leaf vein extraction and angle measurement using hue information and line detection
Yexin Song and Yuliang Zhao. Robustness Analysis of Strategies of Hypergame with Uncertain Preference Perceptions
Liu Juan. Research and Implementation of Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Station Parking Guidance System based on Mobile Terminal
Ran Wei, Futing Bao, Yang Liu and Weihua Hui. Solving Level Set Evolving Using Fully Convolution Network
Renyan Feng, Qianqian Li, Zhenpeng Zhang and Yisong Wang. A new descriptive method for Gripper planning
Liu Yanjiang, Zhao Yiqiang, He Jiaji and Liu Aqiang. A Novel Test Pattern Optimization Approach Based on Ring Oscillator Network
Xin Zhou and Xinhong Li. Multi-UAV Dynamic Task Assignment with Support of Reconnaissance Information
Lei Zhang and Li-Ping Lei. Intelligent System of Vehicle Brake on Ice and Snow Road
Enguo Dong and Lei Zhang. Vehicle Stability Control System of Emergency Brake on Split-mu Road
Yuping Zhou and Peirong Xu. Research on the Mutant Genes Generation Technology of Hainan Li Brocade Patterns Based on Human-computer Interaction and Affine Transformation
Li Zhao. The Absolute Phase Effect of the Energy Model
Wei Huang, Jian-Cheng Xu, Hua-Xing Wu and Jun-Bing Li. Error Analysis for Guidance Control Parameters of Air to Surface SAR Missile
Mingguang Liu and Gaoyang Li. Research on the Evaluation Index System of Urban Innovation Capacity
Teng Piyun, Li Guanyu and Su Lei. Adaptive rule updating method in complex event processing
Hao Zhang, Zhenjuan Liu, Hongguang Li and Bo Yang. A CNN time series prediction approach based on time delay analysis of process correlated variables
Shuqiong Xu and Conggui Yuan. A Probabilistic Fuzzy Principle Component Analysis Model for Scene Denoising
Chaoyue Zhang and Yu Wang. Digital Recognition Based on Neural Network and FPGA Implementation
Yingying Zhao. Research on Entity Recognition in Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet
Guanyu Li and Lei Su. Pragmatic Web Oriented Context-Aware System Design
Ning Bo, Xiangmin Li, Jinjin Dai and Jiayu Tang. A Hierarchical Optimization Strategy of Trajectory Planning for Multi-UAVs
Jiake Yang and Dan Chen. Pose Tracking of 3D Target Based on Iterative Weighted Least Squares
Li Jun, Liu Yaozong and Zeng Shuo. Application of Wavelet Transform in the Evaluation of the Closeloop Levitation Gap of Maglev Train
Yousheng Chen and Weifang Chen. Research on Fractional Delay Filter and Mismatch Feature based on Least Mean Square Rule for CI Device
Fujun Pei and Xiaoli Wei. A Fast Alignment Algorithm Based On Adaptive Quaternion Kalman Filter
Di Qi, Guoping Lu and Xinglei Dai. Design of urban greening intelligent monitoring system based on Internet of Things technology
Shuangzhong Xue, Xingong Cheng and Yongxi Lv. High Resistance Fault Location of Distribution Network Based on EEMD
Junting Luo, Yongxia Yang and Hengfu Zhang. Design of Wi-Fi Band-Pass Filter based on HMSIW
Wendian Zhang, Xiaodong Sun and Lei Wang. Battery Pack State of Charge Estimation and Hardware in loop System design Verification
Jia Ning. Research on Indoor Robot based on Monocular Vision
Zhiyong Chen, Tingting Zhang and Zhenhan Li. Hybrid Control Scheme Consisting of Adaptive and Optimal Controllers for Flexible-base Flexible-joint Space Manipulator with Uncertain Parameters
Guibin Luo, Chunhui Dai, Lei Tan and Zhiqiang Long. Research on Suspension Height and Displacement Decoupling of Relative Position Detection Sensor for High-speed Maglev Train
Zhongyang Guo, Zengchang Qin and Tao Wan. Learning Sentimental Representations for Mixed-gram Terms
Junrui Yang, Yingjie Zhang and Yanjun Wei. An Improved Vertical Algorithm for Frequent Itemset Mining from Uncertain Database
Wenbin Zheng, Dan Tang, Haiqing Zhang and Hong Tang. Feature Selection with Structural Sparse Mode for Text Categorization
Yunqiang Duan, Min Liu and Mingyu Dong. Uncertain Multi-task Learning and Its Application in Index Forecasting
Aidong Liu, Linbo He, Zhiyu Li and Qinchao Ji. Analysis of Effects on Photolectric Calibration Measurement Errors Due to Carrier Posture
Qiuju Guan, Caiyong Li, Xuemei Guo and Baihua Shen. Infrared signal based elderly fall detection for in-home monitoring
Jindong Yu, Wenbiao Tian, Linbo He and Daoguang Dong. Application of Measurement Matrix Based on Linear Representation of Diagonal Matrix in Image Restoration
Li Weijie, Shi Yan, Fan Xin, Xie Hongwei and Ma Hongbo. Study on locations for electricity fee payment in rural power business regions driven by data
Min Zhang. Application of Grey Correlation Matching Model on Informatizational Assessment of Ports
Feixiang Liu, Yan Li, Ler Zuo and Xin Xu. Research on Lane Change Decision for Autonomous Vehicles Based on Multi-Kernels Least Squares Policy Iteration
Xiaofang Li, Yuanyuan Wang, Mao Zhang and Quan Lv. The Study on the Number of Toll Lanes be Opened for Expressway Toll Station Based on Customer Satisfaction
Tinglong Gu, Deyi Li, Mao Zhang and Xiaofang Li. Design Scheme of a New Highway Toll Square
Yixian Cheng and Feng Mao. Selection of the Optimal Segmentation Scale in High-resolution Remote Sensing Image
Shaowei Wang. A Ping-pong Arm Action Recognition Method by Equal-ratio Coefficient Filter
Zongzhou Wen and Lu Li. The design of intelligent car tracking based on fuzzy- PID strategy
Wu Xinghui, Wu Di, Zhou Yuping and Shi Zaifeng. Photocatalytic activity prediction of rare earth doped TiO2 based on pattern recognition
Li Li and Liu Zhong. Analysis of TDOA Algorithm about Rapid Moving Target with UWB Tag
Xifeng Tong, Jisheng Liang, Lingling Guo and Xiaozhe Yin. A Noise Eliminating and Point Matching Algorithm for Seal Image Verification
Xianlong Li and Xinghe Lv. Neural Network Application on Ship Motion Prediction
Hu Huihui. Recommendation of Tourist Attractions Based on Slope One Algorithm
Xu Wang. A Collaborative Filtering Algorithm of Weighted information Entropy and User attributes
Yongchao Bai, Tao Liu, Jicong Zhang and Yu Luo. Design and Implementation of a Flight Simulation Platform for EEG Experiment
Junqing Pan, Tao Shen and Tao Rong. Robust Guarantee Control for 3DOF Helicopters Based on Multiple-model Switching
Wei Liu, Xiang Ke Wang, Chang Bin Yu, Yong Wei Zhang and Yang Guang Yu. The altitude hold algorithm of UAV based on Millimeter Wave Radar sensors
Yinbo Xu, Yongwei Zhang, Yajing Wang and Xiangke Wang. Physical Experimental Realization of Modified Artificial Physics Method Based on UAVs Formation Control
Wei Wang. End-to-end Encrypted Traffic Classification with One-dimensional Convolution Neural Networks
Fang Lin. A Robust Efficient Dictionary Learning Algorithm for Compressive Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks
Tian Guangqiang, Li Guanyu and Su Lei. Services rating based On Privacy-ontology in Semantic Web of Things
Liu Shengfa and Wang Yu. Design of intensive population detection and multi - exit evacuation algorithm based on open environment
Zhijie Fei, Fang Lin, Junying Chen and Jiangwen Wan. Unit Orthogonal Atom K-SVD Algorithm for Compressed Signals in Wireless Sensor Networks
Shuang Li, Tianmin Guan and Dezhu Zhao. The Development of the Simple Transfer Instrument for-The Basic Conception and Structure-
Zefang He and Long Zhao. The comparison of four UAV path planning algorithms based on geometry search algorithm
Longlong Chen, Zhaozhong Ying, Chong Luo and Xiaolei Zhu. A Four-Phase Dual-Rail Protocol based Asynchronous Arbiter for Neuromorphic Networks
Chao Li, Xiaohui Li, Junxiang Li, Qi Zhu and Bin Dai. Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Ground Vehicles Driving in Structured Environments
Haile Yang and Chunyan Han. Holistic and Algebraic Data Cube Computation Using MapReduce
Ning Yang, Shengjun Guo, Yongqiang Niu and Wei Wang. Finite Element Analysis and Optimization Design of the Base of Prefabricated Cabin for Secondary Combination Devices
Juan Dang, Hongji Xu, Mingyang Ji and Junfeng Sun. Regularized Weighted Collaborative Representation with Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Facial Expression Recognition
Wen Cheng Lai. RF Receiver Front-End and Frequency Synthesizer Integrated for Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Wireless Cybernetics
Yuji Wang. A Trust Prediction Method for Recommendation System
Chen Shuai, Honglun Wang, Guifeng Zhang, Zhan Kou and Wei Zhang. Power Lines Extraction and Distance Measurement from Binocular Aerial Images for Power Lines Inspection using UAV
Ziye Deng, Zihan Liu, Zhouguo Chen and Yubin Guo. The Random Forest based Detection of Shadowsock's Traffic
Ziye Deng, Guoqing Qian, Zhouguo Chen and Hong Su. Identifying Tor anonymous traffic based on gravitational clustering analysis
Li Chunguang, Xu Jiacheng, Kuang Shaolong, Qu Wei, Hu Haiyan and Sun Lining. To Identify Motion Pattern of Lower Limbs by Using Cerebral Hemoglobin Information during Motor Imagery
Fang Lin. Robust Compressive Reconstrution Algorithm for Eliminating Sampling and Measurement Impulsive Noise
Junshe Wang, Zheng Lee and Hongbin Zhang. Situation Awareness Based Resource Requirement in Cloud Computing Environment
Hongxia Ji, Peng Yao and Honglun Wang. Simulation of Unmanned Aircraft System Performing Surveillance Mission Based on Advanced Distributed Architecture
Zhihui Chen and Huayou Si. An Approach to Member Recognition for Specific Organizations Based on User Interaction on Twitter
Li Jing. Robust control of switched systems with actuator saturation
Hong Tang and Wenbin Zheng. Calculation of Scattering Intensity for Cylinder Particles with a Gaussian Beam
Junxiang Li, Bin Dai, Xiaohui Li, Chao Li and Yi Di. A Real-Time and Predictive Trajectory-Generation Motion Planner for Autonomous Ground Vehicles
Siyi Fan and Ming Chen. Route Planning of Agricultural Plant Protection Unmanned Helicopter Based on Interfered Fluid Dynamical System
Haiyan Lv, Lijun Zhou and Yuan Zhao. Classification of Data Granularity in Data Warehouse
Shuo Wang, Dong Yu and Zhicheng Wang. A Novel Inertia Identification Method for PMSM Servo System Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization
Jie Zhou and Tian Min. Energy-Efficient Sensing Units Clustering of High Density Wireless Sensor Networks using Hybrid Immune Niche Evolutionary Algorithm
Ju Zhilan, Zhu Yongwei and Zhang Fubao. The fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of the self-conditioning of hydrophilic fixed-abrasive pad
Yuji Wang. The Trust Value Calculating for Social Network Based on Machine Learning
Houtao Ji, Renwei Li, Jiaxin Yu and Xianchao Yang. Design of USB Storage Encryption Device Based on XTS-AES
An Jingmin and Li Guanyu. A Novel Fuzzy Rough Context preprocessing Method
Liu Shufeng, Mo Xiaocong and Zhang Qian. Semisupervised Change Detection for Bitemporal Images Based on Fast Progressive Transductive SVM
Sainan Wang, Si Wang, Suixiang Gao and Wenguo Yang. Daily Ship Traffic Volume Statistics and Prediction Based on Automatic Identification System Data
Yang Liu. Research on Trim of Multilayer FeedForward Small World Network Based on E-exponential Information Entropy
Haixia Li and Xiaoli Gao. Batch Scheduling Problem with Constant Arrival Times of Workpieces
Zhenwei Zhong, Dawei Li, Honglun Wang and Zikang Su. Drogue Position and Tracking with Machine Vision for Autonomous Air Refueling based on EKF
Lei Han, Yuan Jiang, Yaxin Wang, Jinqing Gu, Jin He and Shuang Wang. Study on Low Power Maximum Power Point Tracking for Micro-scale PV System
Pengfei Wang, Tao Wu and Liang Xiao. A New Approach to Environment Representation with Its Applications in Robot Navigation
Jishun Kuang, Chenghua Wang and Chao Yin. Improve the Compression Ratio by Compacting Bit-streams and Using Modified Hadamard Transform
Jie Zhou and Min Tian. Adaptive Hybrid Clone Genetic Algorithm based Optimal Node Scheduling for Maximizing the Network Lifetime in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
Yong Zhang. Research on Spectral Region Selection of Near Infrared Spectra Based on Genetic Algorithm
Xueting Jing, Hongxin Li, Jing Lei and Nan Yang. KL-SVD based One-dimensional Modal Control combining with Diameter Control Subsystem as State Estimator in Czochralski Process
Yajie Qi, Li Zhou and Huayou Si. An Approach to News Event Detection and Tracking Based on Stream of Online News
Yiwen Dou, Jun Wang, Chun Zhang, Guifu Lu and Chenlong Li. Integrated Visual Servo Detection Scheme Switching by Moment Invariants
Wang Xiaoxuan and Wang Hongjie. A Method of Evidence Association Mining on Target Identification
He Zhengqiu, Xu Zhongfu, Wang Lihua and Chang Wentai. Fidelity Evaluation of Complex Electromagnetic Environment based on Similarity Theory
Wenxiao Jia, Yu Luo, Yegang Hu and Jicong Zhang. Adaptive Force Control Tasks Have Far-Transfer Effect On Sustained Attention
Yong Peng and Xiaoli Zhang. Stochastic Dynamic Programming for Reservoir Operation Considering Ensemble Precipitation Forecasts
Huiyuan Li, Lina Pan, Mei Chen, Xiaoyun Chen and Yufan Zhang. RBM-based Back Propagation Neural Network with BSASA Optimization for Time Series Forecasting
Zhou Jia Wei, Zhong Tong and He Xiong Xiong. Auxiliary Diagnosis of Breast Tumor based on PNN Classifier Optimized by PCA and PSO Algorithm
Guichun Han, Huishuang Gao, Chunsheng Zhang and Dehan Kong. Discussion for Specially Quasi -diagonally Dominant Matrices and Its Application
Jian Hu. Effect on Convergence from Different Particle Swarms with a Unified and Simplified Formula for Position Updating
Weiguang Li. Adaptive illumination spherical harmonic coefficients Based on Wavelet importance Prior probability
Yong Wang, Qing Liu and Hao Shen. Research on Anti - collision Algorithm in Radio Frequency Identification Technology
Sansan Chang, Hongtao Yang, Guangsen Liu, Bo Gao and Yunzeng Guo. The Effect Factors of the Line of Sight Jitter
Xiumei Zhang and Wei Dai. The Optimal Control of Heuristic Dynamic Programming in Molecular Distillation
Meng Qiushi, Yang Yang, Wang Xu and Liu Wei. Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Based on Pseudo-Polar Sampling
Yasuhiro Matsuda. Development of Emotion Teaching Interfaces using Emoticons and Emojis
Jing Wang and Yourui Huang. Design and Implementation of a Microfluidic Logic Gate Chip Based on Double-stranded DNA
Yuancan Huang, Shuai Li, Siqi Li and Yin Ke. Design and Implementation of Dual-Arm Robot with Homogeneous Compliant Joint
Zhonglin Yang and Xiangyang Xu. An Improved Crack Detection Algorithm Based on Characteristics of Texture Analysis and Gravity Model
Yaobo Song, Baoan Ren, Yu Zhang and Jing Chen. Link Prediction based on Supervised Learning
Mingwei Zhang. Green Suppliers Evaluation by Fuzzy Clustering and TOPSIS Suppliers
Ruishan Xin, Yuehui Li, Yanjiang Liu and Yiqiang Zhao. System Design Scheme of Configurable Secure Memory Chip
Wang Yuliang and Li Dan. Visual Tracking via the Fusion of Compressive Sensing and Speed up Robust Feature Information
Wei Kang and Shouming Zhong. Passivity analysis of discrete-time memristive neural networks with time-varying delay
Bian He, Yang Lei, Liao Jiawen, Feng Jia, Wang Hao and Wang Hua. Hardware design of video compression system based on TMS320DM368
Tang Lin, Liu Lin and Gan Jianhou. Using multi-modal topic modeling in national culture resources: methods and applications
Yuxiang Luo and Peng Zhou. Finger vein recognition based on direction information
Cong Peng, Fa-Xing Lu and Chang-Feng Xing. Damage Assessment Simulation of Shipborne High-Energy Laser Weapon
Wu Weili. Optimization method of control for transformer DC bias due to multi factors based on NSGA-III
Xue Dawei. Modified Evidence Combination Method Based on Pignistic Probability Distance and Uncertainty Degree
Zhihua Diao, Chunying Diao and Yuanyuan Wu. Algorithms of Wheat Disease Identification In Spraying Robot System
Jiangtao Zhai, Chengming Zhu, Chi He, Zhijun Yao and Yuewei Dai. A system identification method to Hammerstein model based on Modified Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm
Fangjing Du, Yanan Zhao, Li Gao and Wenhao Wang. Evaluation of the Autonomous Parking System Based on BP Neural Network
Xiaohang Shi, Bo Bi, Qingjie Zhang, Chao Sun and Junwei Lv. Consensus-based multi-UAV target tracking with communication delays
Yu-Xin Wang, Dong-Sheng Li, Yao Lu, Ze-Xin Cheng and Yang Gao. Improved flower pollination algorithm based on mutation strategy
Whenzhe Chen, Hao Fu, Meiping Shi and Ying Chen. A Dense Optical flow-Based Feature Matching Approach In Visual Odometry
Hongyang Chen, Jiangkun Lu and Feixue Wang. A New Method of Topic Tracking for Micro-blog Texts Based on Semantic Relevance
Zhiwei Xu, Zirong Luo, Lei Ren, Kunyang Wang and Dan Hu. Three-Dimensional Human Modeling and Dynamics Simulation Based on ADAMS
Jiexin Zhou, Nianhao Xie, Xiaohu Zhang, Liang Xie and Yunna Bao. Error Detection of Packing Box Based on Registration between Incomplete Point Cloud and CAD Model
Miran Lee, Jaehwan Ryu and Inchan Youn. Biometric Personal Identification based on Gait Analysis Using surface EMG signals
Jue Wang, Bo Li and Yinghong Cao. Adaptive Constrained Multi-objective Biogeography-based Optimization Based on Two-stage Elite Selection
Zih-Hao Lin and Shana Smith. A Natural User Interface for Realistic Tactile Perception of Object Surface Texture
Xueying Wang, Wanpeng Zhang and Jing Chen. Comparison and Implementation of High Cited Inverse Reinforcement Learning Algorithms in Object World
Xian-Yan Wang, Kangkang Xie and Bin Guo. Four - circuit protection valve opening pressure automatic adjustment system based on machine vision
Baoshan Yang, Yegang Hu, Yu Zhu, Yuping Wang and Jicong Zhang. Intracranial EEG spike detection based on rhythm information and SVM
Haoping Wang, Fei Fei and Yang Tian. Robust Time Delay Estimation Based Intelligent PID Control of a 6DOF upper-limb Exoskeleton Robot
Haoping Wang, Guoyuan Tang and Yang Tian. sEMG-based Estimation of Knee Joint Angles and Motion Intention Recognition
Xuanchen Guo, Wenxiao Jia, Yu Luo and Jicong Zhang. Brain Information Flow Analysis Based On Partial Directed Coherence On Sustained Attention Across Sensory Channels
Duanyi Cai and Jing Zhao. The influence of visual alarm design in ecological interface on users’ behavior by using psychophysiological measurement
Yue He, Qing Song Ai and Kun Chen. A MEMD Method of Human Emotion Recognition Based on Valence–Arousal Model
Zengqiang Ma, Junjun Liu and Mingyi Chen. Train Operation Safety Problem Based on Wheel/Rail Dynamic Contact Relation
Ming Liu, Xiangqian Ding, Shusong Yu and Ruichun Hou. Research on Feature Selection in Near-infrared Spectroscopy Classification Based on Improved Adaptive Genetic Algorithm Combined with ReliefF
M. Saqib Nawaz, M. Ikram Ullah Lali and Sun Meng. Formal Modeling, Analysis and Verification of Black White Bakery Algorithm
Xianzhong Long. Image clustering based on multi-features joint learning
Weilong Yang, Long Qin, Quanjun Yin and Yabing Zha. An Improved Constraint Model for Team Tactical Position Selection in Games
Li Aiguo, Zhou Shuai and Wang Rui. An improved method for eliminating ghosting in image mosaic
Li Aiguo, Wang Rui and Zhou Shuai. Research on real-time video stitching based on SURB algorithm
琦 牟, 姣 李 and 占利 李. Face Recognition Based on Log-Gabor Feature and Collaborative Representation