IHMSC 2018 Accepted Papers

Tianbai Ling and Yongyi He. Quality Control System Analysis of Grinding Machine Manufacturing Industry
Ruijie Wang. Effect of preferential resource allocation on epidemic spreading in correlated multiplex networks
Lei Su, Guanyu Li and Ling Zhao. Dense Sensing-Based Composite Activity Recognition in Smart Home
Tianbai Ling and Yongyi He. Quality Control System Analysis of Grinding Machine Manufacturing Industry
Danyang Jiang, Fei Cai and Honghui Chen. Location-sensitive Personalized Query Auto-Completion
Xiaokai Zhang. A Novel Decision Tree based on Profit Variance Maximization Criterion for Customer Churn Problem
Zhihong Zhao and Yuying Zhou. Clothing Fabric Automatic Recognition
Jia Ning and Zheng Chunjun. Design of Intelligent Medical Interactive System based on Internet of Things and Cloud Platform
Songlin Ma and Weijun Wang. the Longitudinal Modeling of a New Concept V/STOL UAV in Transition Flight by using the Method of System Identification
Wenbin Wu, Yue Wu and Xu Qiao. Parallel Compression Based on Prediction Algorithm of Hyper-spectral Imagery
Wenbin Wu, Yue Wu and Jintao Li. A Novel VQ Algorithm Based on the Separation of Ground-of-spectrum for Hyper-spectral Image Compression
Shi Wang, Daiki Sugiyama, Jian Sun, Lin Yang and Shangce Gao. Dendritic Neuron Model Trained by Biogeography-based Optimization for Crude Oil Price Forecasting
Ya-Lun Zhang, Xun Zhu and Lu-Jing Yang. Ships’ Spatiotemporal Co-occurrence Patterns Mining Based on Sliding Spatiotemporal Cuboid and Improved Support
Ya-Lun Zhang, Lu-Jing Yang and Peng-Fei Peng. Ships’ Association Rule Mining Based on Adaptive Support Threshold and Arcsin Interestingness
Xiangjun Peng, Zhenfei Zhan, Chen Lv, Huaji Wang, Dongpu Cao and Yifan Zhao. Estimation of Driver’s Attention Level Based on Correlation Analysis of Movements
Weichi Zhao, Qijie Zhao and Jianxia Lu. Pupil location method based on feature searching and C-V extension model
Xueyu Li, Xu Zhang and Dongbin Wang. R-TAR: a Resilient Traffic Anomaly Recognition Mechanism for Backbone Networks
Yongjia Cai, Guanyu Li and Haoyuan Guan. User Neighbor Clustering Based Context-Aware Recommendation Method
Dongbao Jia, Yining Tong, Yang Yu, Zonghui Cai and Shangce Gao. A Novel Backtracking Search with Grey Wolf Algorithm for Optimization
Huyuan Xu, Meng Sun and Yanfeng Gui. Regression Analysis in Estimating Gas Usage
Xiaokai Zhang. TL-FCMA :Indoor Localization by Integrating Fuzzy Clustering with Transfer Learning
Zeng Xiangjin and Tian Jinwen. Fusion research of visible and infrared images based on IHS transform and regional variance wavelet transform
He Zhengqiu, Wang Lihua, Liu Wenfu and Xu Zhongfu. Model and Effectiveness Analysis for C4ISR System Structure Based on Complex Network
Haiwen Sun, Xiaofang Xie and Tao Sun. Improved Assignment Model and Genetic Algorithm for Solving Antiaircraft Weapon-target Assignment
Ni Longqiang, Yang Kai, Zhang Lihua, Shi Guoqing and Bian Yuekui. A Track-Before-Detect Method Based on Measurement Space Adaptive Partition for Multiple Weak Targets Tracking
Bao Hanqiu, Ma Xianghua and Ye Yinzhong. Robust Interference Suppression and Tracking Control of Underactuated Systems Based on Equivalent Input Disturbance
Miao Liu, Jinnan Ma and Lei Jin. Analysis of Military Academy Smart Campus Based on Big Data
Yuxuan Tan. An Improved KNN Text Classification Algorithm Based on K-medoids and Rough Set
Daisen Wei and Xueqing Li. Graph-based ERP Software Evolution under Inetrnet
Yulu Zhang and Liguo Shuai. Promoting Binary Hash Code’s Discriminability by Category Centers for Image Retrieval
Lv Chao and Deng Tianyuan. Research on Individual Soldier Energy Efficiency Assessment Systems
Qiankun Xue, Shiyue Ma, Yaxin Liang, Jiaxin Wang, Yipu Wang, Fengliang He and Muyu Liu. Weld Bead Geometry Prediction of Additive Manufacturing Based on Neural Network
Yousheng Chen, Yan Chen and Chunxiao Zhang. CI Medical Monitoring and Algorithm Research Platform
Rui Zhang, Zhiyong Yuan and Zhongle Liu. Simulation of Anti-torpedo-torpedo Intercepting Trajectory and Analysis of Hit Probability under Sliding Mode Guidance
Wang Haiying and Fu Zufeng. A New Characterization of Semistrictly α-Preinvex Function
Xiao Wang. Moment generating function of uncertain variable
Zongxin Gan and Xiaofeng Zhou. Abnormal Network Traffic Detection Based on Improved LOF Algorithm
Xiaoyu Li, Qingwei Gao, Yixiang Lu and Dong Sun. Convolutional neural network denoising method based on multisize features
Ben Niu, Xiaodong Mu, Zhaoxiang Yi and Pei Hu. Two-dimensional Maximum Entropy Infrared Image Fast Segmentation Based on Chicken Swarm Optimization
Zhiwei Li, Yanan Zhao, Li Gao and Xuewen Zhang. Multi-feature-based Road Complexity Calculation Model for the Evaluation of Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Bingbing Kang, Haijun Li, Hongyang Zhou and Zhen Zhang. Study on Semi-Active Control of Quasi-Zero-Stiffness Isolator
Li Chun and Gong Guoji. Research on the adaptive recognition and location of the weld based on the characteristics of laser stripes
Qingzi Wang. Fault Diagnosis of Neural Network Circuit Based on Adaptive Chaotic Particle Swam
Hongzhen Yu, Bin Yu and Xueyan Li. Design Of Embedded Vehicle Terminal System Based On μC/OS-Ⅱ
Gang He, Xiujuan Yuan, Wei Zhang and Shi Yan. An effective method for face recognition by creating virtual training samples based on pixel processing
Yushun Zhang, Qingwei Gao, Yixiang Lu and Dong Sun. Bearing Fault Diagnosis via Improved Collaborative Representation
Zixin Ren and Runjing Zhou. Study on Modified Affinity Propagation Clustering Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm
Hao Ren, Yi Chai, Jianfeng Qu, Ke Zhang and Qiu Tang. An Intelligent Fault Detection Method based on Sparse Auto-Encoder for Industrial Process Systems: A Case Study on Tennessee Eastman Process Chemical System
Jiang Zhou and Ming Chen. Improvement of Cigarette Pushing Mechanism of GD-H1000 Cigarette Packing Machine
Fangzheng Wang and Lei Yan. Gait Recognition System and Algorithm Based on Multi Feature Fusion
Qingquan Feng, Guochen Ni, Bin Dai and Jing Dai. Action recognition based on multi-layer visual features
Qinghui Zhang and Chenxia Wan. Research on tactile image reconstruction algorithm for the blind based on corner matching
Zongwu Xie, Zhaojie Zhu and Yechao Liu. 3-D Object Reconstruction Using Tactile Sensing for Multi-fingered Hand
Wei Wang, Yongqiang Niu, Tianqiang Liu and Tianjin Chen. Design of Hanging Beam of Prefabricated Cabin Based on Orthogonal Experiment Method
Xiangcheng Fang, Jianguo Li, Xiaoguang Zhang, Weiming Chen and Wei Wang. Study on Temperature Control Design and High Protection of Charger
Zhiyong Chen, Tingting Zhang and Zhenhan Li. Robust-adaptive Neural Network Finite-time Control and Vibration Suppression for Flexible-base Flexible-joint Space Manipulator
Jinyu Zheng, Ping Shi and Hongliu Yu. A Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Training System Based on Upper Limb Exoskeleton Robot
Jiafu Zhuang, Jun Li, Li Liu and Kanglai Tang. Faster RCNN for Printing Nozzle Detection in Complex Scene
Xu Min, Jin Li and Xue Jiaxiang. Research on Evaluation of Process Stability of Aluminum Alloy Dual-pulse MIG Welding by Current Sample Entropy
Jianjie Chu, Jing Gong, Suihuai Yu and Jian Chen. Analysis and Research on the Application Status of 3D Printing Cloud Service Platform
Junrui Yang, Xin Gao and Cai Yang. An optimization method for energy consumption of central air conditioning
Meimei Jia. Controlling the Bifurcation in the Buck Converter Under Noise Background
Junrui Yang, Ru Li and Cai Yang. Uncertain Data Flow Mining Algorithm Based on Hybrid Model
Jing Wang, Su Dong, Jia Zhao, Shibing Wang, Xiaofeng Shi and Huiling Wang. Design of a trace moisture content detection system based on microfluidic chip
Jiashuang Fan, Suihuai Yu, Jianjie Chu and Fangmin Chen. A hybrid model of requirement acquisition based on consumer’s preferenceon for 3D printing cloud service platform
Haiqi Pan and Zhao Kang. Robust Graph Learning for Semi-Supervised Classification
Ya-Lun Zhang, Peng-Fei Peng, Jian-Shu Liu and Shu-Kan Liu. AIS Data Oriented Ships’ Trajectory Mining and Forecasting Based on Trajectory Delimiter
Haoyuan Guan, Bin Zhu, Guanyu Li and Yongjia Cai. Efficient SPARQL Query Processing Based On Adjacent-Predicate Structure Index
Yu Hu, Jiaxiang Xue and Hui Chen. Analysis on transition waveform control for high-speed twin-wire pulse MIG welding based on sine-wave modulation
Zheng Piaopiao, Wan Jian, Si Huayou and Zhang Shuangshuang. An Approach to Event Mining Based on Massive Online News
Ling Zhao and Guanyu Li. Abnomal activity identification method based on ontology and Dempster-Shafer theory
Yousheng Chen and Weifang Chen. Research on parameter feature for SPEAK-based speech processing strategy in cochlear implant
Syed Hasnain Alam Kazmi, Abdul Wahab, Syed Imran Zaman and Kou Yan. Rise of Digital Media to Triumph Brand Loyalty
Fuchao Liu and Guanyu Li. The Extension of Domain Ontology Based on Text Clustering
Wang Meichen, Jiang Xiefu, Zhang Yiwen and Yao Li. A Stability Criterion for A Class of Linear Discrete Networked Control Systems
Haopeng Wu, Li Zhou, Huayou Si, Wen Sun and Piaopiao Zheng. Association Rules Mining between Interests and skills Based on Big Data from LinkedIn
Zhe Xu, Zhenyu Lei, Lin Yang, Xiaosi Li and Shangce Gao. Negative Correlation Learning Enhanced Search Behavior in Backtracking Search Optimization
Aiguo Li and Xuanting Li. Vibration Signal Delay Estimation Based On Wavelet Packet Denoising Method
Jianan Wang and Xiaoyong Lei. On-line Kinematical Optimal Trajectory Planning for Manipulator
Aiguo Li and Xiaoyun Zhang. Fault Diagnosis Knowledge Base Optimization Based on Decision Tree
Aiguo Li and Weikang Yang. Dynamic frame slotted ALOHA algorithm based on improved tag estimation
Aiguo Li and Fuzeng Luan. An Improved Localization Algorithm Based on CHAN with High Positioning Accuracy in NLOS-WGN Environment
Sun Wen, Si Huayou, Zhang Jilin, Wu Haopeng and Zheng Piaopiao. Empirical Research on Distribution Characteristics of Internet User Comment Behavior on Online News
Gai-Li Yue and Lei Lu. Face recognition based on histogram equalization and convolution neural network
Shi-Jie Ren, Xiao-Gang Yang and Nai-Xin Qi. A Review of Visual tracking Technology based on Infrared Image
Shuang Guo. Bifurcation analysis in a class of delayed predator-prey models
Yu Shasha, Huang Hao, Liu Yangjie, Hu Yongming and Gu Haoshuang. A Low-complexity Autonomous 3D Localization Method for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by Binocular Stereovision Technology
Shuaihui Qi, Jian Li and Zhenping Sun. Adaptive confidence threshold algorithm for vehicle detection by employing temporal information
Ning Zhang, Hao Fu and Yang Yu. Research and application of thermocouple lead welding robot used in spacecraft
Xu Yingqiao and Yan Hongbin. Identifying Core Technongies based on A Two-Stage QFD Model
Chun Guan, Kam Fung Yuen and Yong Yue. Towards A Personalized Item Recommendation Approach in Social Tagging Systems Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy DBSCAN
Xiuxia Ji. SAR and Optical Image Registration Method based on Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization
Bing Zhang and Zhi Liu. Research on Prediction of Brain Functional Connectivity Based on Dynamic Bayesian Hierarchical Model
Yong-Jun Qiao and Si-Qing Wang. Research on Intelligent Radar Detection Model in Complex CGF Air Combat Environment
Gang Zheng and Dou Yi-Wen. A Novel Narrowband C-V Model for Saliency Object Extraction
Hui Xia. An efficient algorithm in anonymous social network with reachability Preservation
Minghui Zhao. Design of Patrol Robot System for Mining Belt Conveyor
Minghui Zhao. Intelligent Sorting System of Coal Gangue with Machine Vision
Hang Yin and Lei Wang. Effect of compressive sensing star image on attitude determination
Zhaohua Liang. Fixed Batch Adaptive Regularized Learning in Magnetorheological Damper Control on Floating Wind Turbine
Xiaosong Xie and Jincheng Wu. Real-time Flow Identification Based on Neural Network and OpenFlow over SDN
Ruijie Wang. Double-edged sword effect of social-support on epidemic spreading on correlated multiplex networks
Rong Chuanzhen, Jia Yongxing and Yang Yu. Fusion of Infrared and Visible Images Through a Hybrid Image Decomposition and Sparse Representation
Qingfan Gu, Haiyong Dong, Desheng Xu and Zhixiong Chen. Benefit Analysis for ADS-B Surveillance System based on China Airspace Capability Model
Gaili Yue, Sai Du and Yueyue Tuo. Research on Three-level Neutral Point Clamped Inverter in Photovoltaic Power Generation Technology
Yun Mei. Diffusion Model of Drug Concentration and Application in Industrial Design
Haitao Zhao, Hongsu Yu, Tianqi Mao, Mengkang Zhang and Hongbo Zhu. Vehicle Accident Risk Prediction over AdaBoost from VANETs
Xinglei Dai, Guoping Lu and Changfan Sun. Improved de-noising method of photoelectric signal in γ-ray measurement
Fang Miao, Pu Zhang, Libiao Jin and Hongda Wu. Chinese News Text Classification Based on Machine learning algorithm
Wensheng Cong, Ling Yang, Chao Sun, Rong Yang and Shiqing Zhu. Blind Source Separation and Equalization for High Order QAM Signals in MIMO System
Xiangyang She and Shaopeng Wang. Research on advertising Click-Through Rate prediction based on CNN-FM hybrid model
Zhihua Li, Bin Qi and Chenbin Li. 3D Sonar Image Reconstruction Based on Multilayered Mesh Search and Triangular Connection
Xueyan Gao, Zhaohui Li and Yuan Zhang. A Fast HEVC Inter CU Size Decision Algorithm Based on Multi-Class Learning
Minghui Zhao and Dongxin Zhao. Flame Image Processing Based on Particle System in Patrol Robot
Hongjian Wu, Xin Zhou, Guanyu Li and Yimin Shi. Indoor Space Model Based on Knowledge Graph
Qi Liu, Zhouxing Fu and Fang Luo. Research on Harmonic Suppression Method Based on Drooping Control Strategy
Xiaojian Liu and Xiaofeng Dong. Multi-Features Android Malware Detection Based on Machine Learning
Minghui Zhao, Sai Ma and Dongxin Zhao. Image Processing Based on Gray Information in Sorting System of Coal Gangue
Qixun Zhou and Pengbo Li. Improvement of Power Allocation Strategy for Pure Electric Vehicles of Composite Power Based on ADVISOR
Senbo Hu, Xiao Jia and Yingliang Fu. Research on Abnormal Behavior Detection of Online Examination Based on Image Information
Qixun Zhou and Weidong Fan. Improved Droop Control Method for Micro-turbine Generator Set
Xin Jin. Research on Command Decision Support System AI Problem Decomposition
Gao Junli, Li Runchuan, Shen Shengya, Zhang Xingjin, Li Panle and Wang Zongmin. Research on Cardiovascular Disease Identification based on SVM-SMO
Qixun Zhou and Haili Tao. Research on Loading System Based on SVPWM Direct Torque Control
Yasuhiro Matsuda. Finger Braille Teaching System using Tablet Computer
Lu Chen, Xingwei An, Yang Di, Shuang Liu and Dong Ming. The Effect of Stimulus-onset Asynchrony on Audiovisual Brain-Computer Interface System
Feng Li and Hong Yi. Research on the ship risk evaluation based on fuzzy inference model
Yang Di, Xingwei An, Shuang Liu, Feng He and Dong Ming. Using Convolutional Neural Networks For Identification Based On EEG Signals
Zhang Xingjin, Li Runchuan, Liu Yongpeng, Gao Shan, Zhang Hongpo, Shen Shengya and Wang Zongmin. Classification of Arrhythmia Based on Extreme Learning Machine
Zhao Li and Wenbiao Liu. Comprehensive Weighting Method and Cloud Model Equipment System Support Capability Evaluation Method
Xianfa Li, Qijie Zhao, Jianxia Lu and Yuwen Li. Depth Estimation Based on Single Image and Four Points in a Plane
Hui Chen, Jiaxiang Xue, Hui Chen and Deyong You. Design of integral parameter adaptive controller based on PI control
Xiaoli Zhong, Wenying Guo and Jie Wang. Directional loudness in the median plane
Jun Liu, Le Zhang, Ze Fu, Min Li, Jingcheng Liu and Lan Qin. Dynamic Characteristic Analysis of Planar Piezoelectric Six-Axis Force/Torque Sensor
Yanfei Ye. A New Rule and its Optimization of Combination Evidences
Zhang Shuai, Wu Tao and Shi Meiping. Construction and localization of multi resolution map based on vision
Yi Zheng and Ping Zheng. Hand Tracking based on Compressed Sensing with Scale Adaptation
Shanshan Wu. A Method for Building Shared Massive Heterogeneous IoT Data Environment
Lei Zhang, Yao Yao and Mingming Lou. Multi-antenna Synchronized GNSS Measurement for Multi-platform Applications
跃 何, 佳驰 李 and Min Zhu. Life Cycle identification and analysis of Microblog hot Topics
Fan Gan, Shuai Zhang, Nana Zhang and Qinghao Zheng. The lithium battery pack equilibrium strategies based on flyback converter
Haitao Zhao, Tianqi Mao, Hongsu Yu, Mengkang Zhang and Hongbo Zhu. A Driving Risk Prediction Algorithm Based on PCA -BP Neural Network in Vehicular Communication
玉峰 张, 娜 刘 and 山 郭. Design of Disk Type Ironless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Pingpeng Tang, Xinliang Wang and Wei Wei. A Stable Local Reactive Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm for High-speed Unmanned Surface Vehicle
Nana Zhang, Fan Gan, Yunge Li and Zhouxing Fu. Simulation of HVDC Transmission Control System on MODELS
Nan Yu. A Visualized Pattern Discovery Model for Text Mining Based on TF-IDF Weight Method
Zihao Lin, Yi Cui and Chao Qu. Study on Segmentation of Mid-voltage Distribution Network Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform
Zhanli Li and Junchao Wang. An Adaptive Corner Detection Algorithm Based on Edge Features
Qi Mu, Yanyan Wei, Yankui Liu and Zhanli Li. The research of target tracking algorithm Based on an Improved PCANet
Ying Xi, Shuyuan Leng, Mengru Li and Xuanquan Wu. Positive and Negative Recognition of Watch Shell Blank Using Backpropagation Algorithm Based on Matlab
Wanghui Bu. Visual Recognition of Container Number with Arbitrary Orientations Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Xueyan Li and Daming Li. Dynamic Self-adaptive Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm in Optimal Control of Public Transit Priority Traffic Signal
红哲 李, 帅 郭 and 建成 嵇. Research on the Control Method of a Walking-aid Rehabilitation Robot Based on Multi-Sensors
Juan Wei, Zhaoyang La and Guipeng Xu. Design and simulation study on electromagnetic brake of mine rescue carrier robot
Hongxia Cai, Yang Ding and Yingxiong Zhang. Lot Splitting and Job Shop Scheduling with Limited Buffer
Hongxia Cai, Yingxiong Zhang, Yang Ding and Liang Tong. Research on Flexible Job Shop Batching and Scheduling problem with Setup Times
Xingtong Ge, Xiaofang Jin and Ying Xu. Research on Sentiment Analysis of Multiple Classifiers Based on Word2vec